9th Annual Bonafest 5K Walk/Run

THANK YOU to all the participants and organizers for making the 2017 BONAFEST 5K Walk/Run a success!

Official Results

Last Name First Name Bib Status TIME
MaGuire Craig 178 Runner 19:13
Reynolds Alexander 186 Runner 20:33
Damon Jason 182 Runner 23:35
Austen Aaron 187 Runner 24:23
Cerretti Michael 179 Runner 25:05
Napoleon Angelina 191 Runner 25:29
Emery Mark 176 Runner 26:07
Kahm Matt 172 Runner 26:19
Curran Stephen 177 Runner 26:38
Coulter Lily 180 Runner 26:59
Coulter Sean 181 Runner 27:00
Cooper Donald 170 Runner 27:23
Liss Walter 183 Runner 27:37
Briggs John 171 Runner 28:38
Wallace Dan 185 Runner 29:09
Weigel William 166 Runner 29:44
Granger Stephanie 173 Runner 30:03
Waugaman Erin 174 Runner 31:16
Waugaman Daniel 175 Runner 31:16
Gaval Frank 168 Runner 31:54
La Grutta James 184 Runner 32:38
Soulvie Harvey 167 Runner 35:15
Hill Charmaine 193 Runner 37:21
McFall Jess 169 Runner 37:52
Crisafulli Kelly 190 Runner 39:40
Shelton April 189 Runner 42:25
Crisafulli Tracy 188 Runner 42:27
Hill Aaron 192 Runner 47:27
Simon Robert 304 Walker 43:51
Simon Michele 303 Walker 43:52
Kucharski LuAnn 301 Walker 45:07
Kucharski Rick 302 Walker 45:07
Goodwin Valerie 305 Walker 46:40

Bonafest 5K Walk/Run Registration Form 

 9th Annual BONAFEST 5K Run/Walk

Saturday, July 8, 2017

$20 adults (18 and older)

$10 youth (age 12-17)

$5 child (age 11 and under*)

*no souvenir included with child fee


                                                                                                   runner-female2.pngRun Start Time:             9:00 a.m.

                                                                                                   Walk Start Time:            9:05 a.m. johnny-automatic-walking.png

Check-in/Late Registration opens at 8:00 a.m. the day of the event

Save time! Register online https://runsignup.com/Race/NY/StBonaventure/Bonafest5KRunWalk

Advance registration deadline July 1, 2017

Advance registration strongly encouraged in order to guarantee your race day souvenir

Coffee/juice available for early check-ins on the day of the event!

No bikes or scooters please



Location:     The Event will take place along the Allegheny River Trail and on the St. Bonaventure Campus with the starting point by the TENNIS COURTS

Parking:      Please use the West entrance to the campus (College St., Allegany), located west of Olean on Rt. 417.


5k Cross Country Trail Run

3.1 miles on cross country trails along the Allegheny River and on St. Bonaventure University’s Campus. The race is non-competitive but times will be kept (and posted on the church website) for those in training or those who are trying to reach a fitness goal.

5k Cross Country Trail Walk

3.1 miles on cross country trails along the Allegheny River and on St. Bonaventure University’s Campus. This non-competitive walk starts at the same location as the run and continues through the trail course.

Additional entry forms available at the Parish Office, in the church or online at:   http://stbonas.weconnect.com/Bonafest-5K-Run-Walk

Parish phone: 716- 373-1330                   Run/Walk organizing team: Angela Capra (716) 904-0507