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Furniture Outreach

Furniture Outreach


Do you have spare time? - Furniture Outreach is looking for a substitute driver to help for a few hours one afternoon a week.  If you can help, please phone Jacki Howden at the parish office at 373-1330 ext. 20.  Thanks



Our Furniture Outreach Program is designed to help those who are unable to purchase furniture due to financial difficulties.  The Furniture Outreach program helps approximately 200-250 people a year.   The furniture is offered to people in need at a minimum charge.   Financial difficulties are considered when pricing. Monies collected are used to help offset the cost of gas and maintenance for our outreach truck. 

If you are in need of furniture please call Jacki at 373-1330 ext 20 Monday 8:30am-noon, Tuesday-Friday 8:30am-2pm, Friday 8:30-noon.  Your request will be logged into our request book.  As items become available they are offered to the first unfulfilled request in the book.  

To donated furniture please call Jacki at 373-1330 ext. 20 at the above days and time.

Listed below are items we often have requests for.  If you have other items please call to see if can use them.   All items need to be in good conditions and appliance need to be in working condition. 

Items needed:

Beds, dressers, couches, chairs, end tables, coffee tables, dinning room tables, chairs and hutches, kitchen tables and chairs, washer and dryers, stoves, refrigerators etc.