Our Parish Mission Statement

St. Bonaventure Parish is a rural Christian community called to live the Gospel of Jesus Christ in the spirit of St. Francis of Assisi.  We fulfill our mission by our worship, our witness and our service to the people of the parish as well as to those in the wider community.  Our task is to affirm the individual gifts of people of all ages in order to minister the Gospel in solidarity with people of good will.            


Message from Fr. James Vacco, O.F.M.  -  dated May 30, 2020 at 2:30 p.m,.
The Household Prayer Service for the Pentecost is posted on Facebook - www.facebook.com  (listed under: St Bonaventure Parish) and on YouTube - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yHPYo8VgjeE
Even though we can't be together for the Eucharist we can be joined spiritually with one another in prayer virtually.
If you are looking for some good young adult and adult enrichment internet programs I recommend the following:
From Boston College - The Century 21 Center podcast:  "Finding God in our Imagination" with Paul Reynolds
From Boston College -  The Century 21 Center video:  "How to overcome fear and live a no barriers life:
      Planning & Preparations for re-opening the church for Mass...... As you are probably aware President Trump announced this past Thursday that religious institutions of worship - churches, synagogues, and mosques - were to be opened up in each State.  This has led to confusion among congregations and disputes among the Governors with each other and with the President.  So until we receive direction from the Bishop the parish church and our gathering for Mass remains on 'pause.'  Keep in mind that the church is opened everyday from 8:a.m. to 2:p.m. for those who would like to stop and pray.  Entrance is by the side door.  
     Fr. Patrick Melfi and I met on Saturday to begin making plans on the re-opening of the churches for liturgical celebrations.  We consulted the newly published diocesan guideline, as well as the guidelines issued by the FDLC (Federation of Diocesan Liturgical Commissions).  Both documents contained many of the same perspectives.
    Below is a sample of some of the issues to be considered and the needed resources to implement them: 
  1.  In order to maintain social distancing the number of people which can occupy the church will be based on a percentage of the building's capacity .  Some type of process needs to be put together to determine which Mass a person can participate in.  One possibility listed in the two guides was for parishioners to call  and making a reservation. Another suggestion was to have ushers at the doors who only allowed a predetermined number of people in at any given Mass.  Once the church building reached it's allowed capacity no one else would be permitted in.  A vast number of guides from other dioceses encourage people who are senior citizens or had compromised health  to stay at home so as not to be exposed to a crowd.
  2.  Everyone will be required to wear a mask during Mass
  3.  Holding hands during the Lord's Prayer and the exchange of the Sign of Peace by shaking hands or an embrace will be forbidden.
  4. There are no group or social gatherings.  So immediately at the end of Mass people will be expected to proceed to their cars and travel home.
  5.  Everyone coming forward for Holy Communion must receive the Eucharist in the hand.  There will no longer be placing the host in a person's month.  This is to prevent cross contamination.
  6. There will be no Holy Water at church entrances.  Again this is to prevent cross contamination.  Positioned at the entrances to the church will be some kind of hand sanitizer.
  7.  Missalettes and hymnals must be taken out of the church.   Disposal liturgical aids will be used.   
  8.  After each Mass the church must be cleaned, sanitized, and prepared for the next Mass.
   The eight items I mention above are just a few of the items we will need to implement or respond to  in the next few weeks.  I can foresee that we will need to have 3 groups of five volunteers to wipe down the pews and chairs in the church after each Mass.  I can also see where everyone will be wearing masks.  Even the way of 'taking up the collection" by the ushers will need to be changed since it is not recommended that individuals should walk amidst a crowd.  So over the next few weeks the formulation of procedures will be the task to be worked on..
   Bonafest......  Because of the pandemic and the limitations possed by social distancing it was decided to reduce the Summer Bonafest to the Large Money Raffle and a drive thru Chicken Barbecue.  
      The Large money raffle will be drawn as originally scheduled on Friday, July 10 in the evening.  It will be so very important that parishioners sell or purchase Large Money Raffle Tickets since this will be the primary means of achieving a profit from Bonafest in order to pay the parish insurance bill.  The Large Money Raffle Tickets are $50 a piece.  You can obtain your ticket or tickets to sell by calling the parish office or mailing a check for the number of tickets desired to the parish office and your ticket stub will be mailed back to you.
     The drive thru chicken barbecue will be held on Saturday, July 11.  Tickets for the chicken dinner will be $10 each.  Tickets must be pre-purchased by July 5 thru the parish office either by walking in or by mail.  No dinners will be sold on the day of the drive-thru pick-up.  The dinner will include a barbecued half-chicken , salt potatoes, baked beans, roll & dessert.  Dinners will be available for pick-up beginning at 5:30 p.m.  More information on this next week. 
In conclusion.....The pandemic has really changed our way of living.  So many things we took for granted have now been altered.  We can complain, we can blame, we can have all kinds of reactions.  But the thing we need to do is walk with each other and assist each other through his period of time.  Complaining doesn't change anything.  Conscientious resolve to do the best we can to keep each other safe, healthy, and creative is crucial to establishing the future.
To All:  Be At Peace......Fr. Jim / James

For those who would like to view a Sunday Mass:

Live Mass at 10:a.m. on Sundays and past taped Masses from the Basilica of the Sacred Heart at Notre Dame University"  



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Below is a link on YouTube to a prayer service led by Fr. James that you can virtually participate in as a household during this COVID-19 pandemic time.  You can also view this service and other messages from Fr. James on Facebook site under the name:  St Bonaventure Parish

Home Service for Pentecost Sunday  - May 31, 2020 is available on YouTube at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yHPYo8VgjeE

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Renovations 2019

  • Large lift used to paint ceiling, walls and install new fans
  • painters painting side walls
  • Electricians working on wiring for fans
  • erecting the new pews
  • installing the new sanctuary floor
  • new pews and chairs on new floor
  • interior of the church.
  • finished altar area
  • Notice railing in the background. It is the old iron altar rail
  • Renovated sacristy with two bathrooms
  • Nave of the church
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  • During the renovation this was found behind wallpaper. It has been ...
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  • Carved by Otto Georg Hitzberger for the chapel of Christ the ...
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  • St. John's Church in Vandaila was merged with St. Bonaventure back ...
  • Fr. James became pastor in June 2011

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