Saturday at 5:15pm in Church Reconciliation Room or by appointment.  To schedule an appointment please call Fr. James Vacco at the parish office.






Baptism is the initiation of our faith into the sacremental life of the church.  It is the doorway through which we enter to become members of the Mystical Body of Christ.

In order to schedule a Baptismal date and to gather the information for parish records, parents wishing to have their child or childrenBaptized are asked to contact Fr. James Vacco at the parish office.


Please call Fr. James Vacco ofm at the parish office for an appointment when you annunce your engagement.



The Sacrement is available after all weekend Masses for the seriously ill, elderly or those facing surgery or upon request by calling the parish office.  Please inform the parish office or Fr. James when a family member enters or leaves the hospital.