Arrival and Dismissal


Arrival and Dismissal

Our arrival and dismissal procedures are designed for our children’s safety so please abide by the rules. Parents must notify the teacher if an older sibling is signing a younger one in or out or other pick-up arrangements have been made. Please make sure your child is aware of the rules.

Arrival: The side doors of the school are unlocked at 9:10am to allow teachers’ time to get to the classroom after 8am mass. If you attend 8am mass please wait in the church until the doors are unlocked. Spend the time practicing prayers, visiting with other parishioners or respectfully exploring the symbols of our faith with your child.

  • Grades 2-4: A parent must walk each child to his or her classroom and sign them in. Please make sure a teacher is present before leaving your child in the room.
  • Grades 5-10: Students may walk to their classroom by themselves. If the teacher is not in the classroom they must wait in the hall.

Dismissal: Parents are asked to park across the street in the parking lot or along the curb in front of the school. Please do not wait in the driveway since this poses a danger to our children and parishioners arriving for 11am Mass. We have crossing cones and a crosswalk guard at the crosswalks in front of the Church at dismissal.

Note: The side doors and the front door of the school closest to the Church and driveway are unlocked at 10:25am to allow parents in to pick up/sign-out their child.

  • Grades 2-4: A parent must pick their child up at his or her classroom and sign them out.
  • Grades 5-10: Students are dismissed through the front door of the school closest to the Church and driveway (by the RE office) to meet their ride.

Please pick up your child on time. If you are not there to pick up your child at dismissal time, your child will be taken to the Religious Education Office to wait until a parent arrives.


Children attending 11am mass may gather in Memorial Hall or go to the Church and gather quietly