Code of Conduct-Attendance Policy


Attendance/Code of Conduct Form

Purpose of the Code of Conduct-Attendance Policy

St. Bonaventure Religious Education’s Code of Conduct-Attendance Policy is a set of rules that explains how people should conduct themselves and is intended to be a central guide and reference. It is meant to clarify our values and principles, linking them with standards of conduct. Parents are required to review the information with their child(ren), sign and return to RE.



Mass Attendance Weekly & Holy Days of Obligation   Receiving the Eucharist at Mass is the cornerstone of our Catholic Faith. Weekly Mass attendance is a requirement of RE.

  • Reconciliation (Penance, Confession) At least twice a year. (When you made your 1stPenance in 2nd grade it was meant to be the first of many, not the only!)Penance services are offered during Advent and Lent, including all day on Ash Wednesday. Weekly confessions are heard every Sat. after 4pm mass or by appointment.


Students are required to attend and be prepared for all scheduled classes per the RE Calendar.


Serving others in need is an important part of our Catholic Faith and children need to learn to volunteer. We encourage families to take part in the various service opportunities found in our bulletin, notices sent by email or ones found individually. Service opportunities by grade will be arranged throughout the year and participation is encouraged. Giving of ones’ self to help others is much more meaningful to all involved when it is not required but instead personally initiated.

Code of Conduct

  • Teachers are to be treated with the utmost respect. They volunteer their time and talent to teach.
  • Students are expected to treat each other with respect.
  • Cell phones and IPods are to be turned off during class. Teachers have permission to collect electronic until after class if rules are not followed.
  • Meeting spaces are to be treated with respect and left in better condition than found.
  • Students are to be ON TIME for class. (9:15) Side door of the school will be open at 9:10 to give the teachers time to get to their classroom after 8am mass.Students must wait outside the classroom until the teacher is ready.
  • Please make sure your child eats breakfast before class.
  • Disruptive, inconsiderate behavior of any kind will not be tolerated and will be taken as a sign that you are not serious about this commitment.(If you are asked to leave the classroom your parents will be called to pick you up and it will count as a missed class. At the 2nd occurrence you will be asked to leave the program.)
  • Students are expected to come to class with a good attitude and an open mind,willing to listen and share.

Please remind your child that this is a school environment meant for learning.


  • Students are expected to attend each scheduled class and to arrive for class on time. Attendance will be taken weekly. If your child must be absent due to illness, please leave a message at the RE Office 373-1330 x15 or send an email.  No more than 2 excused absences are allowed per year. Excessive absences may result in your child not moving to the next grade.(Please see Holly in advance if your child will miss more than 2 allotted times. Because 9th and 10th are the confirmation preparation years, only 2 misses will be allowed for each of the years.)
  • Parent attendance to scheduled meetings and retreats is expected.