Coronavirus SUPPORT Page

General Announcements -  updated May 30, 2020

St. Bonaventure has created this page to help keep you abreast of how the coronavirus has affected our parish. General information from the Diocese of Buffalo and Parish specific information including mass information, the BRIDGE, and  Faith Formation (Religious Ed) can be found here.

Glossary to the contents below:

        1.   Making of protective masks and seeking mask makers

        2.  Maintaining Contact with the parish

        3.  The Bridge Food Pantry

        4.  Weekend Masses, First Communion & Confirmation

        5.  Bonafest Update

        6.  Thank You to contributors

        7.  Warning of Phishing & phone solicitations

        8.  Pentecost Sunday Household Prayer Service Program

        9.  Catholic Charities Update


1.  MAKING PROTECTIVE MASKS   -  Posted May 30, 2020

       Directions for making protective masks from the JoAnn Fabric Website:

       An additional suggestion for those who must wear a mask for long periods:

     Fr. James is looking for volunteers who can sew masks to be used in church.  From guidelines issued to churches in states that have been opened people will be expected to wear masks in public places.  So in anticipation of that Fr. James would like to have a reserve of masks to be handed out to parishioners and visitors who may have forgotten to bring a mask with them.  If interested in sewing together some masks for the church pleas e-mail Fr. James at:  [email protected]


2.  Maintaining Contact

The State & Federal Governments & CDC have put a ban on group gatherings and assemblies in order to try and curb the spread of the COVID 19 virus.  This has made it impossible for us to gather as a faith community for Mass, Religious Education, and other functions. 

In order to maintain a connection and to provide resources for your spiritual growth, the parish now has three internet related sites:

          The Parish webpage:

          The Parish Facebook Site:

     Type in:  St Bonaventure Parish notice the way it is listed.  There is no period after the “St” and there an uppercase letter at the  beginning of each word and space in between

                              This site will have a weekly posting with a message from Fr. James and various parish announcements

        The Parish YouTube site      Go to:

      Type in:  Bonaventure Parish Allegany NY       Be aware that there a number of parishes in the world named after St. Bonaventure.  Depending  on your server you will find either a picture of the church or the letter “B” which marks out our site.  This site will post a weekly liturgy and homily by Fr. James.

3.  The Bridge Thrift Store & Food Pantry

Once date of phase 2 of the Re-Opening of the State is official The Bridge Thriftstore and Food Pantry will be open to the public beginning on that day.  The exact date is not as of yet been definitively confirmed.  Please listen to the public newscasts or the newspaper for the announcements as to the entering into phase 2. 

With the issuing of the Guidelines for Social Distancing by the State of New York ans CDC only a limited number of people can be in The Bridge Thrift Store at any one time.  Thus some customers may need to wait outside or in their cars until they are called in.  Please be patient for this is all new to us well. 

4.  Weekend Masses, First Communion, & ConfirmationIt been asked when are we going to resume weekend Masses and when are the other sacraments going to be scheduled ?  The answer is unknown at this point.  Because of the precautions and necessary steps needed to keep the COVID-19 virus from spreading, until the governor, CDC, and the Cattaraugus County Health department lifts the bands everything is on hold.  Once we get an idea of when the bands for assembling are lifted and the parameters we must follow parishioners will be notified by e-mail and USPS.

 5.   -  Bonafest Update -  At a meeting of the Bonafest committee it was decided that because of the constantly changing factors concerning the spread of the virus, the  limits posed by social distancing, and risk of reduced food supplies it was decided that the Bonafest will not be held at Firemen's Park on Friday, July 10. 
But, two components of the Bonafest will take place this year:  (1) The Large Raffle & (2) a chicken dinner.   Tickets for the Large Raffle will continue to be available up to Friday morning, July 10.  Friday evening the winners will be drawn and announced the next day.  Each Large Raffle Ticket is $50.  You can obtain these tickets by sending a check to the parish.  List the names of the the people the raffle ticket should be made for and the stub will be mailed to you.  It is going to be even more imortant than in previous years that we sell as many tickets as possible.  The Large Raffle is the primary source of profit from the Bonafest.  Usually around 70% of the Bonafest profit is from the proceeds gained from the raffle.  So, please do what you are able to purchase Large Raffle tickets or to sell them. 
On Saturday, July 11 there will be a Drive-Thru Chicken Barbecue dinner.   Dinners will be $10 and will include a half chicken, potatoe, vegetable, roll and dessert.  Beginning at 5:p.m. you will be able to enter the church parking lot from 7th street, drive up to the Memorial Hall entrance and then receive your take-away container(s) with the chicken dinner.  This will all be drive thru.  No one will need to leave their vehicle.  Tickets will be available only on a pre-sale basis.  No chicken dinners will be able to be purchased on July 11th.  You will be able to pick up your dinner(s) between 5:p.m. - 6:15 p.m.  Tickets are now available.  Go to the homepage of this site and click at the bottom under 'publications".  There you will see a copy of this week's bulletin with information on both the Chicken Dinner & the Bonafest Large Raffle 
The parish depends on the funds raised through these Bonafest activities to pay the yearly insurance bill.  These are unusual times and many people are dealing with issues around their personal finances because of furloughs, limited incomes, etc.  There are also many community groups and organizations who are in need of funds because their base supporters are also dealing with fiscal difficulties and uncertainties.  In an area like ours with a smaller population that gets requests from so many community, school, and charitable groups for financial assistance it does put on a donor expectations, stress and tension.  All anyone can do is assist as best one can, when one can.
 6.  - THANK YOU  -  "THANK YOU" all parishioners who have been mailing in their church contributions.  So far the parish is maintaining fiscal solvency.  The parish did apply for the Payroll Protection Program offered by the federal government, and did receive it.  But this will only assist us for 8 weeks.  That is why parishioners maintaining their contributions as best they can will help keep the parish fiscally solvent and stable.  These are unusual times and with difficult circumstances arising in peoples lives.  We just do the best we can, take things one step at a time, and keep trusting that everything will work out for the better.
 7.   Beware of phishing & phone solicitations:  Over the past week I have received e-mails and phone calls from "supposedly" charitable organizations.  Be careful whenever you receive a solicitation from a group or person you do not know or cannot verify.  The scams are plentiful.  I find it very pathetic and immoral that there are people who take advantage of  a crisis for their own self gain.  My suggestion:  If you don't know the person making the solicitation or the group, or if it sounds fishy and you're asking yourself: 'why am I getting this call / e-mail' ... then terminate the conversation.  

8.   Prayer Service for Penetcost Sunday is found on the homepage of the parish website at the bottom listed under "publications."  Open the bulletin for May 31 and you will see the service printed there.

9.  Catholic Charities Update:  So far parishioners from St. Bonaventure have contributed $17,982 to the Catholic Charities Appeal.  Those who would like to contribute are requested to send your check - made out to Catholic Charities - to the parish office (95 E. Main St., Allegany, NY  14706)  Thank you for your generosity.