Parish Endowment and Memorial Fund



Planned Giving Opportunities are ways to help support the financial stability of the parish into the future.  There are many types of approaches to Planned Giving:  bequests in one’s Will, charitable gift annuities, life insurance policies where the parish is the beneficiary, charitable remainder trusts and charitable lead trusts.  These and other financial approaches can be of estate-tax benefit to the one gifting and a way to help the parish deal with present and future projects.


Also, if family or friends wish to remember the deceased in a way that can help the parish or wish to honor people at important life moments:  weddings, anniversaries, etc., there are contributions to the Tree of Life/Memorial Fund.  In Memorial Hall, there is a wall relief of a tree.  Upon that tree are placed leaves where the name of the person to be remembered or honored is placed.  Contributions to the Tree of Life/Memorial Fund go to help offset expenses in maintaining the church and other parish properties and programs.  For more information on the Tree of Life/Memorial Fund, consult the gray brochure at the church entrances or contact Fr. James.


A restrictive financial gift does not help the parish because it restricts how and when the funds can be used.  Two examples of restrictive gifts are Mass stipends and Wills which contain conditions as to how and when the funds can be used.  Especially in the preparation of a Will if one wishes funds to be directed for particular purposes, it is best to talk to Fr. James first before composing or revising the Will.


Be sure to consult with your lawyer or financial planner concerning any planned giving or estate preparation.