Religious Education News

 Every class students take home the Gospel Weeklies to share with families.  This is a great tool to use to bring prayer into your house.  *Next to date indicates this was not a class date so information was not covered in class.

Nov. 17th - Today's Gospel: Jesus’ Gives Us Hope    Luke 21:5-19                                                                                                                              Lesson – Jesus calls up to stand up             What does he mean by "Stand Up"?

 *Nov. 24th - Today's Gospel: Solemnity of Christ the King   Luke 23:35-43   Lesson - Just as Jesus asked for forgiveness on the cross we should ask for forgiveness at mass.          Do you know the Apostles' Creed? In this prayer we profess that we believe in the forgiveness of sins.  

 Dec. 1st - 1st Sunday of Advent    Today's Gospel: Jesus tells us to get ready because Jesus is coming!