Religious Education News

Please read Fr.Jim’s response to my question about Having RE. Since he has left the decision to me I have decided to cancel RE for this Sunday, March 15th because not knowing who will attend leaves us in a difficult position:  teachers with no students or students with no teachers. 

        Fr. suggested an alternative with the utube sites found at the end of his letter to you. Please take advantage of these sites
        this Sunday in lieu of classes.
        I hope this situation has calmed and by next class on March 29th. Keep in mind the media thrives on bad news and chaos. 
        Pray that this too shall pass and everyone will be safe and healthy. 
        Pray that Fr. Jim has a quick recovery.
                                Thank you,    Holly

Dear St. Bonaventure Parents & Students,
    The coronavirus has certainly effected the way we operate and function.  With all the calls to 'staying calm and use common sense' - the more those words are said it seems to more reactions that happen.  While those 5 words certainly are accurate they also raise many other questions and do not give us firm direction.
     Given the declaration of a state of emergency both from the State & Federal Governments, but also the awareness that we live in a very small area, with a limited population; yet with also a sensitivity that the coronavirus while not diagnositically confirmed in the area still has a potential of being present - I say:  first, in regards to Mass participation and attendance at religious education - I would suggest to go with what you feel comfortable with.  If you, or someone in your household, is sick or just recuperating from an illness it is probably best no one in that household go out where there are crowds of people because of the sake of contacting or spreading of germs.  The Bishop has granted a dispensation from weekend participation of Mass for those who prefer not to be in crowds at this time.  While the local school systems have not made any adjustments in their class schedules I think it is acceptable to have religious education classes.  But again I can understand where parents, students and the instructions comfort level, given the nature of the virus and the declarations made by the State & Federal Governments, may not feel it acceptable to be in attendance.  If that is the case, whether in relation to an illness in the household or in response to this pandemic, then follow your 'gut' and stay at home.  Again, this virus and it's pandemic occurance brings us all into 'uncharted waters' where no one has the perfect, absolute answers.
      Secondly, if you decide to stay home from participation at weekend Masses or attendance at religious education may I suggest to those who have the availability of the internet to spend time as a household looking over and then talking about the following sites found on Youtube:
               Catholicism Series, episode 6:  The Mystical Union of Christ and the Church
A preview of the CATHOLICISM series, including highlights from all 10 episodes and the complete Episode 6: "The Mystical Union of Christ and the Church." Please see "CATHOLICISM Faith Formation Part I" for Fr. Barron's discussion of the companion study program for the CATHOLICISM series.

                Bishop Barron:  The mystery of the Mass - the source and summit of Christian Life
Bishop Robert Barron gives the first of two keynote addresses at the Adoremus Eucharistic Congress and Pilgrimage in Liverpool. Saturday morning, 8 September...

                Bishop Barron:  The real presence of Jesus in the Eucharist // Bishop Barron at 2020 RE COngress
For my keynote talk at the 2020 L.A. Religious Education Congress, I spoke about the Real Presence of Jesus in the Eucharist. Vatican II says that the Eucharist is the source and summit of the ...
I am presently not in Allegany. I had surgery earlier in the week and am presently recuperating at my brother's house near Buffalo.  I hope to be back by this coming Friday.
At this time let us, yes - stay calm, use common sense, but above all - pray for wisdom, patience, and the well-being of all.
God Bless.....